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Password Recovery

If you are unable to log into your WordPress website, you can easily click a link and have a new password sent to your email.

But if you have forgotten your email, or your website mail is wrongly configured, or if you have been hacked, then the process is not so simple.

Here’s how we recovered the account of a client:

First we delved into the mySQL database which stores the website data, and navigated to the column wp_users.

Here we can see the account and the encrypted password. The password does not need decrypting, because the website compares the encrypted entered password with the encrypted stored password.

So we deleted the stored password, and entered a new one. By choosing MD5 from the Function column we can have it encrypted exactly the same way as WordPress does.

Now we can return to the login screen and abracadabra! We are now granted access to the site.

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